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Culture & Events

Entertainment and Experience

Saalfelden and the region are known for their many cultural and traditional events. Here, you can visit and experience events throughout the year. Among other things, in Saalfelden there's the Jazz Weekend every year in January and in August the Jazz Festival, there's also the Perchtenläufe (folk custom) in January, in May the Maifest (Mayfest), in June, the Summer Solstice, weekly Thursday night festivals in July and August, the Honky-Tonk-Festival in October. In December, the Krampusläufe (devil's races) and a Christmas market take place. That's just a sample of the many events on offer - please take a look at the events calendar at the tourist office, on the internet, or simply ask us.

BAUERNHERBST - the “5th Season of the Year”

Every year from the end of August to the start of November, the “5th season the year”, the Bauernherbst (harvest festival) is celebrated. During this time, you have the opportunity to get to know traditional, rural life during artisan demonstrations, hikes, cooking lessons, thanksgiving, the Alpine Cattle Drive (festival)  and traditional events.

You should certainly plan one - possibly two - holidays at the Holiday Apartment Weitblick during this time, so you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment. Get to know the friendly locals and perhaps even make new friends. An unforgettable holiday - that's a promise!